Our team covers customer technical support operation in mobile, browser and flash games

Do you know that our professionals can support players in your project more efficiently? We offer not only technical support operators who solve issues but customer service that becomes an advocate of your game brand.

You as project owner get

  • outsourced service solution that helps your game saving on time and money
  • accumulation of project knowledge database and comprehensive reporting
  • customised pricing plan

Your players as customers get

  • professional and fully trained 24/7/365-available support that speaks their language
  • single point of reference to get assistance in troubleshooting
  • complete care of their needs till the issue is resolved

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Serv2Dev saves our time and allows us to focus on the tasks of highest priority
Why clients
prefer outsourcing?
Lately the necessity to keep in contact with the customers has become the foundation-stone for many organizations.
On the one hand, companies are aimed at the western model of business dealing and advancing the product beyond the limits of the local market, but on the other hand this objective has not touched all the business spheres yet. In pursuit of ideological projects that would bring considerable income, it often happens so that the people for whom the projects were initially created - the clients - are left out.
Unfortunately, the importance of feedback communication with the end user is currently valued only by large widely known companies. That is why outsourcing is often looked at as something minor, often it is seen just as an unnecessary spending pattern of the budget or an activity that the company employees can combine with their basic official responsibilities. It should be noted that customers would like every aspect of the purchased product to be pleasurable, and lack of professional support often casts a shadow not only on the product itself, but on the developer's good name as well. At the same time the positive impact of qualified customer service can hardly be overestimated. According to research, not only the high quality of service makes a good impression on customers, but also tends to increase their loyality to the company, and also creates favorable conditions for them to use the product longer.
What does the user expect from customer service?
  • an easy and fast way to get in touch with the support team
  • having the problem resolved as soon as possible
  • polite service
  • an opportunity to contact support in a user native language
  • an opportunity to find the answer to the question by himself in a special knowledge base
What are practical functions customer service can provide?

First, it is a source of prompt notification, so to say, at first hand. At the very moment a mass malfunction occurs in the product, the developers are specifically informed by the users. In this situation the user is waiting for a time-efficient reaction from the developer and it is very important for the user to be informed on the status of the issue resolution and also to be able to rate the actions undertaken by the support team. It goes without saying, that the situation when everyone is satisfied would be absolutely perfect, but he that would eat the fruit must climb the tree.

Second, it is a wonderful opportunity to receive accumulated feedback on the product, that can be further used by the relative group of specialists - project managers, developers, designers, etc.

Third, a qualified support team can prevent distracting company specialists from their direct duties and avoid chaos in case the common reception center is missing, and also with sorting and processing questions, complaints and problems from the customers of the company.

One of the identifying qualities for any company is its reputation. Every corporation appreciates and values it, and the quality of interacting with the customers is one of the main tools in protecting the company's good name.

Even for a small company disorganized and ill-functioning customer service illustrates its attitude towards the customers and identifies the attitude of the clients to the company in return. That is why it is very important to appreciate and provide individual approach to every user, which is often not possible due to the lack of time.

So, what holds the companies off the outsource services?
  • High Price — every company tries to cut back on spending and thoroughly analyses all the expenses. Due to this reason, the idea of using outsource is seen by the company management as an extra considerable expenditure. Nevertheless, the practice shows that maintaining support team of its own turns out to be even more expensive in the aspects of finances, personnel and accountancy. Resorting to outsource services allows to replace a great number of inner staff-related procedures by easier and more transparent collaborations.

  • Lack of understanding of factors that identify final price of support services — many companies in this field set up complex and complicated tariff rates based on bundle plans or hourly pay. This can cause difficulties in estimating the effectiveness and the very necessity of outsourcing. Bundle plans most of the time cause overpaying either for the requests not covered by the plan or for the requests that stay unprocessed in the frames of a large service package. When it comes to the hourly pay, it is never possible to determine the effectiveness of the funds invested to the outsource service, as for the same sum of money there can be 100 or 1000 requests processed. It is much more convenient and effective to use a transparent pricing system based on charging for every actually processed request. This system has such advantages as calculation clearness and easy valuating of the outsource effectiveness.

  • Fear of accrediting an outsource company with private data, investing it with too much authority — any company leader would like to fully control all the spheres of his business and sharing any of business directions is seen as a threat of data leak and weakening of the control. However, the experience has proven that the most successful and progressive companies do ensure outsource companies with non-core activities for the purposes of concentrating on the principal activities. Certainly, all the outsource companies sign a nonproliferation treaty and adhere to it for the sake of their own reputation.

  • The scheme of working with the end user is unclear — all the companies have their own approaches and algorithms of working with a client, and their variety can at times cause lack of understanding in the ways outsource companies interact with the clients due to the specific nature of their work. Unfamiliarity with these peculiarities and unwillingness to accept changes in the inner business processes often lead to rejecting the idea of passing support duties to outsource.

  • Wide variety and availability of Helpdesk services — currently, there is a number of HelpDesk services, and this fact tends to create an illusion that self-contained usage of the mentioned services will guarantee high quality of the support provided. However, it is important to understand that these services present some kind of a frame, but providing really optimized, convenient and qualitative support requires thorough and detailed rearranging and setting up every element of the system.

    This process is highly resource-consuming, and besides working with an unknown product always complicates the workflow. Outsource companies have HelpDesk services already adapted to their needs and keep working in this direction, discovering new possibilities both for the customers and to their clients.

  • Lack of control over the work executed — methods of evaluating effectiveness and control of the service provided by outsourcers arise certain questions to many companies. It is especially hard to control the activities of the companies providing no access to their KPI. All the incoming requests should be available for viewing on demand, and all the data readings should be presented in a convenient, easy to understand format. The main objective of an outsource company is to help the client to get rid of the problem with customer service and to make the collaboration process easier and more productive.

Our bonuses

We are ready to provide our clients with absolutely free additional services:
  • wide language base
  • supporting and updating porjects knowledge base
  • free customer integration on the terms of longstanding collaborations and many more


We are always in touch and ready to provide support to users on the deep variety of the most popular platfroms:
  • we are working 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • we provide a wide spectre of supported platforms: iOS, Android, FB, Windows and others
  • various means of contacting support team


We are constantly working on the effectiveness of our work and perfecting our professional skills:
  • all the employees have a degree in linguistics and are fluent in 2 or more languages
  • we have a solid experience of working in stress conditions caused by critical errors
  • distinct and optimized algorithms of interacting with users


We adhere to the clarity of policy in our actions:
  • charges for actually processed requests only
  • logging agent operations
  • timely reports and user feedback retrieval


We take into consideration all the needs and special regards of our clients:
  • 1st and 2nd support lines
  • working with project of various targeting
  • organazing support process of a project from scratch


We will help you and your end users with all sorts of problems:
  • speed of response under 24 hours
  • quick notifications on critical errors
  • account manager who is always ready to help in word and deed
Number of requests
Price for 1 request
Free integration
Reporting on a project
Personal account manager
API adaptation "upon request"
Escalation of mass issues to Jira-tracker
$ 1.5
Contract term from 6 month
$ 1.4
Contract term from 6 month
$ 1.3
Contract term from 6 month
On individual basis
Contract for 1 year and longer
Options included in all plans
Multilingual user support 24/7
Creating and updating project knowledge base
1st and 2nd support lines
Diverse ways of contacting support team: e-mail, API, Web
Timely notifications of the product malfunctions
Logging agent activity
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